Does anyone know anything about police scanners?
2007-07-02 08:06:33 UTC
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A few months back I found that I could no longer recieve police transmissions on my scanner. I think they may have switched to a TRS (trunked radio system). The scanner that I have is an older Uniden scanner, about 17 years old. Does anyone know about scanning TRS?
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2007-07-02 08:29:07 UTC
Most departments have switched to the 800mhz system which an older scanner can not pick up due to the fact that the new system never uses the same frequency when the radio is keyed up.
2007-07-02 08:14:59 UTC
If they changed to a trunking system, you will need a new scanner. You probably will not need digital trunking capabilities. I believe you will find listening in much more enjoyable with a trunking system. When you get your scanner, look up the frequencies for your city. There may be about 20 of them. Input all of them into the scanner and then hit scan. Then enjoy.
2007-07-02 08:18:04 UTC
you'll need a trunk tracker system.We have a new system that uses 800 system.

Go to Radio Shack and get a mew scanner
2007-07-02 08:10:34 UTC
Change with the technologies if you want to enjoy this past-time.

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